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Graphic Recording & Visualization Workshops 

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Graphic Recording


Pimp your conference! Graphic recording (also known as visual recording, sketchnoting, or scribing) graphically documents your meetings, seminars and conferences live, and translates content into adequate and entertaining metaphors. Words, pictures and graphics will make your content, topics and processes visible and comprehensible for everyone. 




Pimp your skills! Learn the art of creative visualization in a short lecture or an all-day workshop. Discover how using simple measures can create compelling visualizations – whether it’s on a sketchpad, flipchart or digitally on a tablet. Convince customers and colleagues with self-made info-graphics. Drawing skills are not necessary – promised!

Online Classes


Pimp your PowerPoint! Strategic illustration and creative corporate communication. Benefit from 12 years of business training and visualization experience in a variety of industries and positions. The graphics are drawn by hand or digitally and can be exported to all digital formats. In today’s complex world it rings truer than ever, that a picture is worth a thousand words! Also available as film. 

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Full time graphic recorder & illustrator since 2013. Trainer, consultant and former graffiti artist, with training in graphic recording, visual facilitation, visual presencing (Theory U), Business Model Canvas, coaching and organizational development. Longstanding experience with workshops and as moderator in a variety of industries and positions. Diploma focus on organizational psychology & experiential education.





Benjamin Felis
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...and get a FREE video tutorial including a practice sheet (pdf)!


Benjamin Felis
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Str. 64
12103 Berlin

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